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RobberStoppers is family owned and operated and has been in business for over 10 years. We are proud of the quality of our products and are always striving for ways to make improvements.

We are proud to have been profiled on BCTV News Hour several times.  Our goal has always been to stop theft and burglaries, we will continue to be committed to defeating  intruders and thieves from entering and disrupting people's homes and businesses.

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Some Comments and references from Customers:

“Just a note to let you know we have found taking advantage of your services and products to be very valuable here at School District No.36 (Surrey). We appreciate the advice you have provided, and are confident the suggestions and products you have provided have contributed to the reduction in vandalism and equipment loss we have experienced over the last 18 months.
The many expanding gates we have installed have been an effective deterrent against equipment theft, and we are moving to install them in as many locations as possible. They easily fold out of the way during the day, allowing our front offices and computer rooms to remain community friendly.
Other products including Lexan and Protective bars have also been cost effective options.
 Our cost benefit analysis suggests an almost immediate payback on our anti-theft initiatives, as our equipment loss is no longer repeated.

Yours truly,
Gary Holtz,
Manager Security & Infrastructure SD36

Mr. John Leyburn, Robberstoppers

Thank you for you all your help and support after thieves broke in and stole all our supplies of dog food. Not only did you provide us with security bars and an enclosure for our storage shed at no charge, but you also contacted BCTV News Hour who were able to give us news coverage. This resulted in thousands of dollars worth of pet food for both dogs and cats being donated by a generous lower mainland public. We would also like to thank you for storing the hundreds of bags of food for us at your warehouse and for delivering extra food to our other branch locations.

Sincere Thanks,
Management, Port Coquitlam  S.P.C.A

** We would like to acknowledge Deborah and Chris Derrick and Mark Fitz for all their help and assistance in making this operation such a success.            
 John and Karen Leyburn, RobberStoppers

            Thank you for your quick response to our attempted break in. The security measures you have installed look great and I’m confident will stop any further attempts to get into our building. Your installers were quiet and efficient and even cleaned up nicely when they finished.

Mark Mensing
CEO Canada Export Centre
Vancouver BC

RobberStoppers, you guys were great. I can’t thank you enough.

Martin Hall

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our beautiful new security door that you put on our front door at our home. It is very elegant but most importantly it makes us feel safe. Also thanks for your security recommendations, we didn’t even notice the ladder- it is now safely chained up.

Thanks again,
Mrs. G. Black
Coquitlam BC

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