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Robber Stopper security tips

B&E’s are crimes of opportunity, a few simple precautions are all it takes to stop a thief from choosing your home.

  • A Break and Enter occurs every two minutes and most happen during daylight hours. Thieves rely on concealment, force, and speed. They can be in and out within a couple of minutes. Thieves know the noise from breaking glass only lasts a few seconds, they watch and wait and then make their move.
  • Don’t rely on an Alarm alone but combine it with physical barriers. Alarms don’t keep thieves out! They only make them move faster when they’re inside. Monitored Alarms can give a false sense of security, most monitoring stations are not even located in the province let alone in your city. Question whom they will send to respond when your security has been breached. Police resources are stretched, they simply don’t have the manpower or time to respond to non-emergency alarm calls. The best use for an alarm is to let you know someone has gained access to your home while you are there and you can make a fast 911 Emergency call, to which police will always respond.
  • It is important to use a maximum amount of outdoor lighting and motion sensors, especially near less visible doors and basement entrances. Keep interior lights on when you are home, and rooms not used often turn lights on and off randomly to give the appearance of lots of activity in the home. Keep a supply of energy efficient lightbulbs on hand.
  • Improve the outside visibility around your home and yard. Prune tree branches to a height of 3ft above ground level, keep areas around doors and windows free of shrubs and bushes, which can conceal potential thieves. Is your house and grounds visible from the street and can your address numbers be easily read from the road, so police don’t waste valuable time searching to find your home.
  • Don’t help them get in, check around your yard for items that could help a burglar gain access to your home. Chain and secure your ladder. Remove shovels, rakes, loose bricks, or boulders that could be thrown to smash a window or patio.
  • A barking dog is a good deterrent, but it can make an enemy out of your neighbours. RobberStoppers is against the purchase of a dog solely for guard use. They require love, attention, and proper care and should never be left chained up. Remember in a B&E pets can become victims too, dogs have been kicked, beaten, and just simply put out on the street to become lost.
  • Don’t rely on a stick placed in your window frame, thieves will break glass to get in, and then will just reach in and grab the stick out of the way. Window bars will not let them gain access and are an effective visual deterrent. Remember thieves are looking for the simplest, fastest way to get in, if you don’t make it easy for them they will move on. Secure your most vulnerable windows, these are usually basement, ground level, sidelights, deck access windows. Removable bars are mandatory for bedrooms to protect sleeping children.
  • If you buy a new TV, stereo, or computer – dispose of the box it came in promptly, don’t leave it out in the garbage or back lane to alert criminals to your new purchase.
  • Front doors are usually vulnerable to forced entry. They can be re-enforced with anti-split bars in the door frame and anti-pry plates to prevent kick-ins. Even the best lock can be defeated if the frame or striker plate is weak. Use extra long security screws on all door locks and hardware. Steel security doors offer the best protection, keeping a strong but attractive barrier between you and a stranger.
  • Mark all your valuables- thieves will sell anything they can steal but Pawn Shops cannot sell property that is marked without receipts from owners. People are more reluctant to buy fenced property that is engraved. Most police centres have an engraving set that you can borrow for free. Engrave your prized possessions with your name, initials, or drivers licence number.
  • Get to know your neighbours, encourage everyone to watch out for each other.
Just as you would maintain your home’s roof, furnace, gutters etc. don’t neglect or risk your family’s security. Get a trained security professional in to assess your home’s vulnerabilities. Most will do a free evaluation inside and out. Your family’s safety and your peace of mind are worth it!

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