Anti Pry Plates, Astragals and Lock Cylinder Guards

RobberStoppers Anti pry plates or Astragals cover the full length of your single or double entry doors and rear warehouse doors. The are designed to cover the gap between the door and the door frame from top to bottom to prevent thieves from using a pry bar to jimmy the door open. For double doors the Anti Pry Plate is attached to the “Active” door and covers the gap between the two doors. RobberStoppers installs the anti pry plate by bolting through the door with stainless steel carriage bolts and flush fitting insert nuts on the inside of the door.

Our standard astragals are fabricated from 11 gauge steel with a powdercoated finish. RobberStoppers also fabricates them in 12 gauge Stainless Steel and 3/16 Aluminum. They are measured and sized to fit your door perfectly.

Lock Cylinder Guards are designed to prevent the outer lock cylinder from being twisted out with pliers allowing a thief to easily open your door with nothing more than a screw driver. Our cylinder guards are bolted through the door for extra strength.

When a door is breached by removing the outer lock cylinder or prying the door open the thieves have the advantage of not triggering your alarm system for between 30 and 45 seconds or longer depending on how it is set up.