Window Security Bars: Business and Commercial

RobberStoppers offers our customers a wide choice of Window Security Bars and Window Grilles for your Business, Warehouse, Government Offices, or Institutions. We have supplied and installed them ln all types of retail stores and commercial offices as well as Police Departments, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government offices throughout the Greater Vancouver areas.

Our standard Window Bars are fabricated from ½ inch steel in an 8-inch x 8-inch square grid pattern double welded at each join, this design and material has proved over many years to be extremely strong and will stand up to protect your premises and provide an effective visual deterrent.

The mounting brackets are made from 14 gauge steel and are located on all four sides of the Security Bars. We finish them with an electrostatic powdercoat finish in a wide range of colours.

As well as our standard window bar design, we can fabricate any design you have in mind. Custom window bars are more expensive to produce as the labour is more involved and usually requires us to lay them out by hand, a much slower process, but as a customer you will be getting a unique and beautiful design.

Each window bar is made to size to fit your application, our response and turn around time is very fast, and they perfectly fit every time.

Please scroll through our gallery to see examples of our Standard Window Security Bars as well as some Custom designed Window grilles.